Thursday, 14 September 2017

What to Do When You Are At Mistake with Your Child

There can be the times when you would not remain the person or parent you intended to be. These are the times when we can make serious mistakes. Well, we all make mistakes, and this is the very feature which defines humanity.

The bad news is that there is no way can be the perfect parents even if we want to be the ones. Humans have emotions which can easily make a person get off track and act accordingly. Hence, we can get disconnected form out children and life partners. Either it can be the result of making mistake or it can result us in making the mistakes. In both cases, the things can go bad seriously.

However, the humans are also equipped with the reasoning and ability to see consequences. This is the ability which we often call gut feeling. So, when we start to make such mistakes, we start getting the signals from brain that something is going to get wrong. As a result, it becomes easier to stop and correct the direction.

Even better news is that making mistakes and then corrective actions as follow-ups can actually make things closer to the ideal. When we make mistakes by showing bad behavior to the kids and then try to reconnect with a more positive approach, things tend to get better than they previously were.

Nevertheless, it really doesn’t mean that negative emotions and mistakes shouldn’t be taken care of. Anticipating something and living with it are two entirely different things.

Notice the mood change
Good thing is that humans have the natural ability to notice the mood changing and foreseeing the consequences of acting under the influence of bad mood. It is exactly like beeping of red light in the panel when airplane gets off course. You can identify those moods changes, stop and breathe for a while to get back to normal. Remember, you need to strictly avoid acting upon any emotions you would have during that time.

Keep in mind the real goal of parenting
You may be angry and advancing towards doing something you would later regret, you can keep reminding yourself about the goals of parenting. For instance, if your priorities are to stay connected with your kids and build a relationship based on trust, you can remind yourself that yelling and being angry to kids cannot be helpful in any scenario.

Try to reconnect
When you have committed the mistake and now you are wondering how to make things get back to normal, you can try to reconnect with your kids. You can apologize to kids when you calm down. It’s not something like giving away your authority. It is more like a lesson to the kids. They will be able to learn how to make things right after making mistakes.

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